63 Inch Modern Naginata Sword Review

Published: 27th April 2010
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The role of history in today's world embraces many things from an aesthetic sense, to patriotism and down to understanding one's very own existence. What we are now is what was the utmost reflection of what was then battled for by people. A way of reliving the past is paying the present the respect of upholding traditions and history.

Visualize your home reflecting the echoes of the past when you display your glorious 63 inch Modern Naginata Sword. This sword is well crafted and it represents not only a fashionable approach to decorating but you can use it to transform your home into a haven of both history and Japanese style.

Naginata swords have a very interesting and rich history. They are ancient Japanese weapons for martial arts, which date back one thousand years ago. Samurai warriors used these swords against their enemies in combat. The 63 inch Naginata Modern Sword has a total length of sixty three (63) inches with a 440 stainless steel sharp and futuristic blade, which has a strong resistance to rusting.

The Naginata sword comes in a stilted saya, and includes a shielding cloth bag that gives it an even more stylish look and will add character anywhere you decide to display it in your home. The Naginata sword is hand-forged which makes it a product of strength, potency and good quality.

The sword's strength also reflects on the use by samurai warriors in the early times when the sword was used for battles. The sword has a shaft and a curved blade on the end - a style similar to that of the Guan Duo (a Chinese weapon) and of Europe's glaive. Its wooden handle is usually detachable for easy maintenance.

Weighing eight to eight and a half pounds, the Naginata sword has become more popular with its association with women in modern day Japan nowadays. On the other hand, in countries such as Europe and Australia, exclusively men are using the sword. However, like many other weapons, the Naginata sword can be specialized in accordance to a person's particular requirement and fit the possessor's height.

The uses of Naginata swords have now evolved from stabbing and cutting an opponent. Although Naginata swords are available to buy, they no longer serve battle purposes but are for displaying and to showoff their beauty. Famous people who used the Naginata swords are Tomoe Gozen, Hangaku Gozen, Benkei, and Nakano Takeko. They all attested to that amazing feeling of merely having the sword by their side. They believed that its presence spoke of immeasurable blazed sentiments.

Highlight this beautiful weapon by adorning a room in your home with the 63 inch Modern Day Naginata Sword and let the air of Japanese history fuse with the very best of style in your surroundings.

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