A Review of World Wide Dream Builders or WWDB

Published: 16th September 2009
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The World Wide Dream Builders or WWDB website was originally registered in December 1997.
The domain contacts are in care of Network Solutions so this domain appears to be privately registered. This company is run by WorldWide Group, LLC. The owners of this outfit were originally Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear. However ownership is now in the hands of other Amway Diamonds. This site operates in the United States and Korea.

World Wide Dream Builders or WWDB is ran by a Board of Directors. The structure of the management team for this organization is Ron Puryear and the top 20 Amway Executive Diamonds who manage and make business decisions. Every one of these top 20 men are either Executive Diamonds or are a Qualified Diamond with an extra Diamond Leg.

The World Wide Dream Builders or WWDB have different divisions that oversee the day to day operations. The main services they provide vary. The provide Professional Development Programs to Amway Global, formerly Quixtar IBO's. The also provide eSolutions which are involved in developing software and web based services that keep IBO's technology current. They have the Diamond Publications service which distributes self improvement books and related materials.

World Wide Dream Builders or WWDB also has an Executive Planners division which is involved in Tax and Bookkeeping services to IBO's. Their Diamond Convention division oversees the major events and coordinates all of the details regarding these large events. Their CommuniKate Division is like their phone room. This is where phone calls, voicemail and things of this nature are conducted.

I read on another MLM Blog that one of the management team for WWWD Brad Wolgamaott, Double Diamond with Amway Global wasn't showing up on their website recently but his wife Leslie still has her picture posted. Rumor has it that Brad and his wife may be having issues. Another verified report I read this year is that Quixtar teams qualified diamonds are down a few since last year. However these Diamond Teams still make collectively over a billion dollars of sales each year which is nothing to sneeze at.

Amway Global which is the main company being promoted by World Wide Dream Builders or WWDB has what they call a Stairstep Breakaway Plan. This type of MLM Compensation Plan tends to be highly weighted toward back end commissions. This means good sponsors tend to do much better than product pushers. So the mid and high level sponsors tend to do real well where the fresh fish tend to struggle more.

All in all, when making it in any MLM it's not about the product its about the person and their love for the product. If they are passionate about the product and make a conscious effort to go out and learn the MLM Recruiting skills necessary for them to succeed, they will do it and make whatever income they want.

And no, Amway is no more saturated than McDonalds is which proves their is room for growth in any Network Marketing Organization. However 90% of Network Marketers forget it's Network Marketing, not NOTwork Marketing. The new people Jeff and myself have seen sporting this concept in the ads we don't see anywhere anymore. I wonder why?

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