Are Your Children Too TV Dependent?

Published: 05th August 2010
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Do your children watch way too much television? It is said that at least 20% of all 2 year olds watch at least 2 hours of television each day. This number is higher for older children. Many would argue that if a child watches more than 2 hours of television a day that a problem exists within that child's environment and some changes should be made. However, this rationale may be going to the extreme.

Two hours of television a day is not the end of the world. But on the other hand, maybe there are some parents that should look into how much television their children watch. Maybe this would be the right time to determine how television fits into your family environment if at all. It is probably too much of a staple of your home life and should be examined.

What you consider a little television time might actually be unhealthy for your children in the long run. Step back and examine your personal situation. Do your children spend their time watching television more than anything else? If so, why?

A Possible Reason

There are many reasons why your child might be dependent on television. Are you a very productive parent? Chances are if this is the case, the television has become the perfect babysitter for you. This is the easiest way to keep your child occupied while you get some work around the house done. Without realizing it, television has become a very solid part of your life. You still have plenty of time to change this. Just turnoff the television and spend more time with your child. Learn how to plan your day accordingly so that you won't cause your children to be so dependent on television.

Is All Television Viewing Really That Bad?

Is it a bad thing that children are watching television? The argument is that they become too dependent on television and that their learning skills become slow and sluggish. On the other hand, many would argue that there are many different educational programs that are actually wonderful for teaching a child language skills and development. Sesame Street is a fine educational show. In addition, there are entire channels that are devoted to helping a child learn the fundamentals of life such as his colors, numbers and alphabets. Yes, these types of programs and channels are wonderful, but children should not be exposed to them from sun up to sun down. They should view these programs in moderation.

Possible Effects

Moderation is the answer. There is nothing wrong with children watching the right kinds of programming for a designated amount of time each day. If things get out of hand, then they tend to experience the effects of obesity and language disabilities. Anything else tends to make a child relatively unhealthy in the long run. Instead of watching numerous hours of television, children should play outside and have fun. Also, instead of using the television as a babysitter, you should talk with your children more. They crave parental interaction.

Only you can control the amount of television that your children watch. Don't let your children become dependent on television. Ensure that they grow up to be healthy adults that don't need to be glued to the television set.

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