Healthy Hearts Club Network Marketing Company Review

Published: 21st September 2009
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The Healthy Hearts Club domain name was registered in November of 2005. The registrant contacts come out of Blaine, Washington. The main product this company offers is called the Heart and Body Extract. This is a natural heart helper remedy that is supposed to help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Sharon Harris, Barbara Feuring and Tony Knudson are the 3 people who founded the Healthy Hearts Club. However Sharon Harris is the Chief Executive Officer. The manufacturer that this company purchases its products from has a 23 year track record and is the first company in Western Canada to be officially certified as a completely organic company. These herbs are wild and are from the Pacific Northwest.

The Healthy Hearts Club company opened in an attempt to provide the most widely needed products that aren't just an excuse for an income opportunity, but products that are very consumable and will really work and be in high demand for people whether they want to earn income or not. This company creates products that help with the heart and prostate.
This company plans on adding more similar, in demand products in the future.

If you suffer from heart pains and find yourself lying down because of Angina Pain and if you have trouble breathing and are fighting just to get in air or have possibly had by-pass surgery in the past, this product could help prevent you from having to go back to the doctor for another heart surgery. This Healthy Hearts Club product is in herbal form and has helped others that have suffered from heart related problems in the past.

The Healthy Hearts Club says that if you are older than 35, a portion of the arteries in your body will be clogged. The Heart & Body Extract is supposed to assist in rejuvenating them into a more youthful state again, basically unclogging these unhealthy passageways.

Healthy Hearts Club is 3 years old and is currently debt free. They have proprietary control over all the elements of their business operations. The reason this company uses only liquids in their products is because the body metabolizes them much faster than a pill or capsule. More of the nutrients can also be absorbed using this method. Your body tends to absorb 98% of liquids which means you get real value from taking these herbs.

In order to qualify for their MLM Commissions you must be on a $60.00 per month auto-ship. This company pays Fast Start Bonuses weekly. All retail sales and generation bonuses are paid monthly. The Healthy Hearts Club MLM Compensation Plan runs a 5 Level Unilevel Compensation Plan. Level 1 pays $9.00 per month, Level 2 pays $4.00 per month, Level 3 pays $3.00 as does Level 4. Level 5 Pays $6.00 per month. There's more to the comp plan you can see on their website but these are the basics.

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