How to Tell If Your Ex Wants To Reconcile

Published: 16th February 2010
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If you note that your ex is showing suttle signs of wanting to get back with you, or seems like they are wanting to spend more time with you than they used to, or of they start to flirt with you, then it's fine to get your hopes up some but don't get over zealous quite yet. Right now you might be asking yourself "How To Get Your Ex Back?".

Yes these are great signals that shows that your ex does want to take you back. But at this point it's not prudent to make any rash decisions, even if you feel the same way they do. Now is the time to play hard to get, however, be realistic here and don't over do it. Too much of anything is not a good thing.

They will most likely respond better to this. If you try to dive head first back into this relationship, you may notice that this behavior just pushes them further away than they were before. As a matter of fact, if your ex is sending you suttle clues that they want you back, then chances are it was because you were playing your cards right by holding back which sparked a renewed interest with your ex.

Most of the time when you and your ex part ways, after a period of weeks it is only natural for the both of you to miss each other and the tendencies become natural for the both of you to try and reconcile. If the relationship between the both of you lasted a year or more, this is even more true.

There's no doubt that your ex is going to miss you. You can be sure of this by taking a trip down memory lane and remembering all the great times you two had in the past. However other feelings that include past regrets might surface. So when you honestly ask yourself "How To Get Your Ex Back" chances are they may be wondering the same things for the exact same reason.

Occasionally your ex may have no intention to get you back. They show interest just as a sign of attention, and are just playing on your emotions. The other reason is they may be in between mate hunting and might just trying to kill some time while they are searching, and are using you as a scapegoat. What's worse is they may even be doing this to get back at you, because they think you might have done something bad to them.

The litmus test for this is to see if they are really willing to spend quality time with you. Make sure you step back and take some time to really evaluate the situation before you dive head first back into the relationship. You will know within a few weeks if it's right or not.

This happens all the time, and most people wonder if getting your ex back is the right way to go. The fact of the matter is that time heals all wounds. With every day that passes by, more of the truth will reveal itself. If your ex is serious about a reconciliation, play tough to get, but keep this scenario in perspective. This way if you find out later that your ex wasn't serious about returning to you than it will help minimize a lot of emotional hurt.

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