Is the Cybergenics Chest Workout Really Effective?

Published: 05th August 2010
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A workout that many people are taking interest in is the Cybergenics chest workout. This is a powerful workout that some claim can help a person to blast off the weight they have on them and turn it into quick and learn muscle. The question is whether or not it is even that effective.

When you are doing the Cybergenics chest workout, you are giving your chest the ultimate workout. During this process you are focusing on one rep max. It is this information that is going to help you burn off the weight you are trying to lose, and build the strong, firm chest muscles that you have been wanting.

During the process you are doing cycles of exercises. These are intense lifts and presses that are designed to pump up your results. But with the main goal of the program to build solid muscle you can understand how it could be of benefit to some individuals.

Let's take a quick look at a sample of this exercise to explore:

You begin with 2 warm-up sets at the bench press doing 35% of your maximum one rep for at least 15 reps.

From this point your push forward with no break and begin to alternate between Flyes, Dumbbell bench presses, and a barbell bench press until you reach the point of exhaustion each time. You continue to go through the cycle of steps a couple more times to help build the process. Remember, you are not taking any breaks.

For the next part you are rotating between parallel bar dips and an incline bench press. Both are done until you reach muscle fatigue. After you are done you get the chance to rest and wait for the others in your group to finish up and move forward to the next step.

As with any routine if you keep pushing forward with it, and doing a regular set of exercises it is going to work. With the Cybergenics chest workout, you are certainly doing enough to help build up muscle mass and achieve effective results. The question remains at what cost?

Because of the intensity of this program, you need to focus on keeping your muscle safe from strains and sprains. It would be a good idea to warm up before you tackle any routine. Since this is one of the few routines that is customizable based on your fitness level, you might find it beneficial to use the calculator tool to help you determine how to achieve your best results.

Something about the Cybergenics program that you should note is that the process requires you to fast the night before and then do your intense workout in morning. In addition you need to take supplements and follow a strict diet.

Overall the question is the Cybergenics chest workout really effective? The answer is that yes it is. But while it is effective, it may not be the right program for everyone. Choose to exercise wisely and listen to your body during exercise, and you will be proud of the results you do achieve.

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