Jewels By Park Lane - What We Know About The Jewels By Park Lane MLM Opportunity

Published: 07th April 2010
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Everyone knows someone who enjoys jewelry or who could be easily swayed to purchase highly unusual, quirky, jewelry pieces. Those who decide to sell for Jewels by Park Lane as an MLM business opportunity are almost always drawn in by the promise of getting discounts on beautiful jewelry for themselves. 

How it Works
When you become a consultant for Jewels by Park Lane you will be essentially earning commission on sales you make. It doesn't get any simpler than that. If you can get other people to purchase the jewelry featured through the Park Lane catalogs, you can earn some extra income.

Most consultants earn their commissions by selling to friends and family members and by hosting parties in which their friends, family members, colleagues, and other people they meet randomly invite all of their own friends and family members who may bring in additional sales. This is the same selling system that is used by Mary Kay and other highly profitable MLM opportunities that have been around for many years.

Jewels by Park Lane Advantages
There are some advantages to selling for Jewels by Park Lane, though this is not one of the most widely marketable opportunities available today. For women who enjoy purchasing jewelry, getting the big discounts on fantastic jewelry could be incentive enough to hold a party here and there. Hostesses are given discounts and some free gifts when they hold their parties, which could equal out to some nice perks in terms of cheap jewelry.

Another advantage is the incentive program which rewards the top earners with luxury vacations, cash rewards, and even cars! This is something that will motivate many people to sell more and hold more parties, but not everyone is going to be successful enough to actually receive these big rewards. The select few who rise to the top and are able to sell massive amounts of jewelry will be the ones enjoying these advantages.

Jewels by Park Lane Disadvantages
The target market is rather small since you can only possibly sell to women who enjoy purchasing jewelry and have the available cash to do so, or perhaps some spouses and boyfriends who want to treat their wife/girlfriend from time to time.

Add to that the start-up costs. You have to purchase a starter kit and will be required to purchase other kits and jewelry to use in your shows as you go along. In order to pay for that first kit you have to hold an intro party which you sponsor holds for you, and you must earn at least $500 at that party just to break even and pay for the kit! If you fall below the $500 goal line you may end up having to pay out of pocket for the starter kit or just let it go and sacrifice the money you earned the company at that party.

For most people, selling for Jewels by Park Lane will be a way to bring in some income on the side while getting great discounts on their own jewelry and doing something they really enjoy.

Those who actually turn it into a highly profitable business tend to be those with big connections to women who have large amounts of expendable cash, and of course who want to spend that cash on consistent jewelry purchases. Repeat sales are the winning ticket.

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