Some Of The Best Restaurant Promotion Ideas Online

Published: 30th December 2011
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Hello what I wanted to show you today is a few of the best restaurant promotion ideas I found in practiced online. Ever since I was 28 years old or so, I've been going out to you almost every day. I've literally went to hundreds of different restaurants during this time. Some of these restaurants were just fast food restaurants, and some of them were pretty high-end steakhouses. But one thing they all had in common, was there was very little they were doing to bring in leads at least according to modern online standards as they exist today. I want to share a few of these with you if I may and discuss why the business down the street from you might be making a killing while you are barely getting your rent paid. I hope I'm not hurting your feelings because I'm not trying to, so let me show you some tips.

The first thing you should do is have a Facebook event page set up and this is considered one of the best restaurant promotion ideas yet. If you want good example were to find one of these, visit the rank911 fan page and you'll see an example of what one of these looks like. To sum it up in layman's terms, you click on a graphic, give them permission to send you some free information and get on their Facebook list, which allows them the opportunity to post stuff on your Facebook wall. Now imagine if you are running a Facebook event page. Let's say you had a bands playing at your restaurant on a certain day and time, or you allow people to come in to your restaurant on a certain time and day for free drinks or discount food or happy hour or something along those lines.

What happens is you can get registered for your Facebook event by them does clicking a couple buttons. Then they download a coupon on your reward page which they bring in further discount. This is very viral, because they can also recommend this to their friends. Not only this, every time you post something on your wall it automatically post on their wall. So let's say 250 people in your area registered for your free drink during happy hour coupon or something along those lines. Now what happens is that any other time you have something to say on your Facebook wall not only these 250 people see it, but every single person who visits their wall will come and see it as well.

Now these people have a chance to sign up your coupon, and the next time you post it goes on their wall as well. This is an example of Facebook viral marketing in action in people and businesses are starting to really cash in on this method. All it takes to set this up is some special software. Another one of the best restaurant promotion ideas is to put up a website or a blog of your business. You could put up a standard website, but with all the plug-ins WordPress has these days it just may be more prudent go with the blog. But whatever you do, your website or blog has to match your company image and has to have certain things on it.

Your website or blog should always have LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook icons as well as your RSS feed icon in plain sight since different readers will want to see different portions a your business and wall want to get to them with one click of a button. These are also some of the best restaurant promotion methods you can employ because people want quick and easy access. You don't have to have a YouTube account if you don't really have anything to say on video, but there are ways to get video testimonials and you'd be surprised at how many of your customers would be willing to do one us if you just ask or put some literature on your front counter inviting them to do one. However twitter is easy to set up and use so I think everyone should have a twitter account.

Also using Facebook as one of the best restaurant promotion strategies out there because everyone is using Facebook these days and if your business is out there on Facebook, there is an 81% chance that they'll find you on Facebook before they even walk to your front door. This is why a Facebook following is very important in the year 2011 and beyond. Five years ago wasn't such a big deal, but now you need a Facebook page and you need to be actively drawing visitors to it.

Another one of the best restaurant promotion strategies you should be using this to form strategic alliances with local businesses around your area. Let me give you an example; let's say your business is located a block away from a dentist office and you were a small little sub shop. Walking to the dentist office and tell him that you can provide value to his business for free it won't cost them anything. Explain to them that you can key of each one of his patients that come into his office 10% discount coupons toward or anything in your restaurant. You could do this to everybody in your city just by printing out flyers that look customized to that particular business to everyone that agrees.

The reason this is one of the best restaurant promotion ideas is because it provides value to the dentist office or any other place that you make a deal with. It provides value to them with no money out of their pocket, and he gets you customers without you spending extra advertising dollars to do it. The entire strategy is run by simple off-line joint venture strategies that you make with businesses in your local area that are not in direct competition with you. You can even sponsor youth soccer teams, baseball teams, basketball and football teams in your local area to start branding your restaurant as one of the hallmark restaurant in your community. These are just a few of the best restaurant promotion strategies that are out there. There are at least a dozen more I can think of, but this should get you started.

Let Brian Garvin & Jeff West from Rank911 teach you more about Restaurant Marketing and the Best Restaurant Promotion ideas.

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