Some Quick And Easy Dental Office Marketing Strategies

Published: 30th December 2011
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Dental office marketing can be challenging, especially on the internet but it doesn't have to be too hard. If you use a little bit of creativity, you can market your dental office for just a few cents on the dollar in the can have your schedule jampacked every single time. Okay now that we've included this introduction, let's get right to the meat and start getting more customers into your dental business. One simple off-line method is called the POS or point-of-sale offer. All this method entails is politely asking each patient if they would like to rebook their next appointment before they leave the office.

Many dental offices lose lots of patients because they simply don't employ this dental office marketing technique. All it takes to rebook a patient is asking them, and although it sounds so dead brain simple that's because it is. I would also phrase it more like one would you like to rebook rather than would you like to rebook. Because if you asked them when, it will sound very natural. The other way to do this which I think is a little harder, is to call them in about six months or so when they're ready for another checkup and ask them if they would like to schedule another appointment and come in.

But by employing this dental office marketing trick, I think you're giving the patient too much control. You see a dentist is something you really shouldn't switch from one to another unless you have a really good reason. So if you make it sound like it's a necessary thing to schedule the next appointment before they leave the first time I think you've made good ground as far as marketing goes. Obviously the point-of-sale technique is not some fancy ninja trick, this is a method that has been practiced for quite a few decades across lots of different niches. Now that we've covered how to rebook them, what happens if your patient decides not to rebook? There's a way to handle this which I'll discuss right now so please pay attention.

Like I mentioned before, if your customer walks out of your dental office without rebooking which you should do is send them a letter a few days after they leave and this is called the bounce back offer which is a cool dental office marketing strategy. The key to the bounce back offer is making it irresistible and make the offer to the point to where they really can't say no with any type of logical reasoning. One of the things you might say is that if you reschedule with us when you come in you'll get a free electric toothbrush. Now the whole game is changed, since you are now offering something of value to get them into your dentist office.

Another great dental office marketing strategy is to start collecting e-mail prospects. The best way to do this is to also ethically bribe them to get on your double opt in mailing list by filling out a form with their name and e-mail address on the Internet see can collect these prospects and send them follow-up e-mails later. The strongest e-mail list by far that you will ever own is a list of your current patients. It's so easy to follow-up with them and let them know what you have going on, any new dental technology that surfaced in the last month or two or whatever. Please remember that an educated customer is always good to be your happiest and most informed customer.

If you want to engage in a lot of community building with your patients then I suggest you also use Facebook as one in your dental office marketing strategies. There's not too many people around who don't enjoy Facebook, and by having a Facebook page you build a lot of trust with people in your community by giving them the subtle message that you will always be around to answer their questions whether they're around your office or not. It's a great way to ease anxiety by answering questions of your patients or potential patients on your Facebook wall. That doesn't include the fact that you can actually use Facebook as a marketing tool by setting up a Facebook event page as well.

Also on the Internet, there are some dental office strategies that are off the hook as far as how powerful they are and how they will allow you to capture a majority of potential patients in your local area. One of these methods is setting up a blog and having an employee or outsource company like us consistently posting fresh content on it. You would be amazed, I mean literally amazed at how many new customers and leads you will attract by making just one blog post each day without fail. It's easier said than done, because we all get wrapped up in the game of life. And I'm not saying you should do this on holidays, but one post every workday. It only needs to take 10 to 15 min. he could do it before you leave for the day. I suggest you get a blog set up as soon as possible, it's really important.

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