Using The Proper Marketing Mix For A Restaurant

Published: 30th December 2011
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If you're trying to promote a new product or if you're starting a new business, advertising strategy that you decide to use is going to be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make as well as one of the earliest ones. Most people use the marketing mix for a restaurant strategy that only a restaurant, because unless you have some other inside information on some type of magical promotion method that work better this is more than likely to be your best starting point. There's a good chance you probably learned in school about the four P's stand for product, price, place and promotion. If you want a chance of marketing your product with the utmost efficiency, these are the four areas that you really need to be focusing on.

You probably already understand that some of these 4P's focus on certain types of businesses more than others, however as a general rule the strategy is always helpful to every business to a certain extent. If you want to break the rule down even further you can even get into the extended marketing mix that also includes 3 more P's which include people, process as well as physical evidence. There are even 4 more C which include commodity, cost, channel as well as communication. However in this write up will just be talking about the original 4P's I described in the first paragraph.

No matter which marketing mix for a restaurant you're working on, each of these P's will have different areas in each of these different areas will require specific steps that will demand your focus. If were talking about product elements here, this requires your attention to the specifics of a particular product. You have to decide whether you can use these 4P's to market somebody, or you just use niche marketing concepts which in my humble opinion, much easier to employ online. A lot of the old-school marketing techniques such as the 4P's are fading, but I bring these out because they do. Still have their place. There's a lot of stuff out there on niche marketing, even restaurant marketing and I know personally of at least 20 different ways you could use that are all proven that would bring in clients and your restaurant. But for this article we'll just talk about a few the good ones.

One of the best elements of the proper marketing mix for a restaurant, at least online is to start building a customer list that you can start e-mailing. The first list you should build his your in-house list, which you will do by asking each customer that comes in to fill out a simple form with their name and e-mail offering them a coupon once a can from their e-mail dress. The most prudent way to do this would be to set up online and may customers visited specific webpage and enter their name and e-mail. Once their e-mail address is confirmed you will e-mail them a confirmation that they are now on your list along with the download link of a coupon in a PDF format or something like that.

Also you should consider as a proper marketing mix for a restaurant using cell phone marketing. By having people send a text message to a specific number you get them on your mailing list. Once you have them on your mailing list, you can market all kinds of coupons and daily specials to them. Another thing you should focus on is structuring a campaign to bring them in on a slow day of the week. You might not care of people come in on Friday or Saturday schedule might be practically packed during those two days, however you might find a real important to bring people in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when it's real slow.

Everyone these days has cell phones so is the proper marketing mix for restaurant you should have everybody text you so you can send them back all your current promotions. Doing this should be in addition to but not as a substitution for having a website or a blog or both. Personally I think every company should have both a website and a blog. The reason I think they should have both is because a blog is your best platform for content in the world he could never have in WordPress is what we highly recommend because it's just so robust and how so many new features it never had before. But your website is really your brand in your image. You should be thinking right now, in fact the only thing you should be thinking right now is how can you become the most popular restaurant your area.

If you're not thinking this, then in my humble opinion you're not even ready to start playing the proper marketing mix for a restaurant. Either you is the owner or a marketing manager should be constantly thinking about what they can do to drive more leads to their restaurant and capture a larger share of the customers in your area. One of the things I've always talked about when doing this is to always give people something free it first to establish trust is that's the main marketing bonding technique. It's really common sense it think about it, drug dealers always give free samples until their customers are hooked. Then they charge full price from then on. The same philosophy applies to marketing and any niche in any market.

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