What You Should Know About Vintage Skateboard Prices

Published: 02nd September 2009
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During the nineteen sixties, and again in the nineteen eighties, a craze for skateboarding swept the nation. During that time Vintage Skateboard Prices made a huge impact on everyone and unless you had the real thing then none of the other teenagers wanted to know you. Teenagers today, just as then, are back riding skateboards again, and anyone who knows their stuff won't settle for anything less than a vintage skateboard.

Back in the day, Vintage Skateboard Prices like the Powell Peralta Ray "Bones" Rodriguez board were really high. It wasn't uncommon to pay $400.00 for a board with rails, nose guard and all the other bells and whistles. But one of these boards last a skateboarder right through their teenage years, even if they used it all day everyday and were fully immersed into the skate culture. In the sixties through the eighties high school kids skateboarded everywhere. Some of the boards that were around at that time were really wide and favored by a lot of kids because it was easier to pull some stunts on the wider boards.

Over the years skateboarding has become more mainstream; it is not just the sport of kids. Nowadays there are skateboarding events at the twice annual X Games and some of the stunts that skateboarders pull have made skateboarding an extreme event.

So consider what these boards were used for, Vintage Skateboard Prices were really no object. Kids would get part time jobs, mow lawns or do odd construction jobs and whatever it took to raise the money to buy themselves their dream Vintage Board.

Some of the skateboards of yesteryear are now selling at auction rooms for big bucks and the Vintage Skateboard Prices up to a thousand dollars for a nice board that is still in useable condition. In the sixties and the eighties skateboards were not an expensive item, not so today, the new version of vintage skateboard, the Vision is now on sale at Amazon.

The Vision range is set to be the new must have board for today's kids, who, just like their parents and grandparents before them, love their boards. Now, as then, you have to have the right skateboard just any old skateboard won't do, but nowadays the Vintage Skateboard Prices for one of these boards are in excess of $100 for the new boards. Vision Skateboards are made to withstand plenty of wear, and it is true that with these boards, as with many other things, that you get what you pay for.

Vision have a number of different vintage skateboards out at the moment including the Vision Skateboards Psycho stick - Natural or the Vision Skateboards MG Complete - White, both have Vintage Skateboard Prices of $136.49, so not cheap. There is also the Vision Decks Gator Hypno Pink Complete and the Vision Decks Ken Park lll Complete, both at $136.49. The Vision range of new millennium vintage skateboards have Vintage Skateboard Prices that are a lot more than the vintage decks of yester year, but you can bet your life, that just like then, kids will want the vintage above every other deck.

Let Brian Garvin and Jeff West teach you more about the Vintage Skateboard and Vintage Skateboard Prices today.

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